Who’s the Best Professional Teeth Whitening Dentist in Ruston, LA?


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Who’s the Best Professional Teeth Whitening Dentist in Ruston, LA?

Looking for a professional teeth whitening dentist in Ruston LA? Dr. Johnston at Johnston Dental is the best teeth whitening dentist in town!

teeth whitening ruston, laThe shades of a person’s teeth can change for many different reasons. Teeth may naturally become discolored with age.  A person’s daily consumption of wine, tea, and coffee may cause staining over time.  There are two professional whitening systems to choose from at Johnston Dental Care.

One Option:  Take Home Bleaching Trays

The first appointment is a short appointment and involves making impressions of your teeth.  Custom molds of your teeth are made from this impression.  The trays are fabricated to fit close to your teeth and hold the bleach in place.  This prevents the bleach from spilling out on to the gums.  You will receive your custom trays and a bleaching kit at your next appointment.  This bleaching kit is included in the initial cost.  You will receive eight tubes of bleach with this kit.  You will receive professional advice on the do’s and don’ts of bleaching when you come to be fitted for your trays.  Dr. Johnston’s staff will provide you with any tips or advice needed for whitening once you start bleaching at home.  You will bleach your teeth until you reach your desired shade you want.  This shade varies from patient to patient due to different variances.  Then you can do weekly or monthly bleaching touch ups with your custom trays.  We are just a phone call away at any time to help you with this process.

Second Option:  In Office Bleaching

Our Patient’s choose the second option for faster results or they know they will not wear the custom trays as mentioned above.  This option requires a minimum of two appointment sessions, but we recommend three sessions for best results.  The third session provides a brighter and whiter smile.  The custom bleaching trays and bleaching kit come with this option.  The chair side bleaching is done by a Registered Dental hygienist.  Barriers are placed to protect the gums, lips, and cheeks.  Bleach is then placed on your teeth for three twenty minute intervals. The patient is carefully monitored to ensure that none of the bleach burns your tissues.  You will notice a difference in your shade of teeth after your first visit, but again a minimum of two visits is recommended.  These bleaching sessions can be done in consecutive days in a row.

Once we have completed the final bleaching process you will be given your bleaching trays and bleaching kit. Patients who would like to learn more about your whitening options please call Dr. Johnston’s office.

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