Why You Want a Dentist Who is Proactive with Your Oral Health Concerns


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Proactive-DentistDental care is obviously important for oral health, but the implications of this field extend beyond the gums. The health of one’s mouth is often directly related to the overall health of their body. For example, individuals who struggle with oral hygiene may find themselves experiencing trouble with their hearts as well. Knowing how to spot a proactive dentist who cares about oral health is crucial to finding the right fit.

Dr. Johnston, a Ruston dentist, embodies the qualities that health-conscious dental seekers should look for. Simply skimming over a person’s teeth and doing a quick cleaning are hallmarks of a dentist who just wants to get the job done. As true professionals, our Ruston Dentists here at Johnston Dental Care will take the time to pay attention to any issues and make notes in order to stay up-to-date on each patients’ oral care.

Furthermore, dentists that are proactive about health concerns will not brush off problems as minor issues. They will not scare their patients, but they will inform them about any potential concerns. Such dentists are also eager to look into a patients’ health and family history to see if any genetic issues could come into fruition. Following these comprehensive examination methods are signs of a proactive dentist.

This type of dentist does not focus only on patients’ current and past states of health. Instead, qualified professionals will work with the clients to craft future plans to protect against possible problems, whether they have already started to manifest or not. Dentists proactive about health concerns are willing to work around the unique needs of their patients and create a plan to combat dental anxiety and oral problems. These dentists will also be willing to explain the reasoning for certain precautions and how these steps seek to alleviate future troubles.

Searching for a dentist who has these qualities will lead to a professional who truly cares about the health of their clients. Dentists who fall into this category will also be more than willing to answer any and all patient questions. Some dentists are quick to rush patients out of the examination room, so they can get on to the next one. However, Dr. Johnston knows the importance of attention to detail to proper long-term oral health. Leaving the dentist with unanswered questions means that the appointment has not been as successful as it could be. This won’t happen when working with a proactive dentist who cares.

If you live in the Ruston, LA area and want a more proactive dentist than who you currently see, give our office at Johnston Dental Care a call today! Our proactive general dentists want to help you and help you thoroughly. No one here is going to just clean your teeth and send you on your way. We will take our time with each and every patient who walks in our office door!

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Why You Want a Dentist Who is Proactive with Your Oral Health Concerns

There are many reasons why you would want a dentist who is proactive with your oral health. Dr. Johnston explains why he operates this way!

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