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Finding a Sedation Dentist

There are many people out there who have a fear of going to the dentist. Whether it is because they have an easily triggered gag reflex or simply because there is some deeply rooted cause that negates the possibility of relaxation, there are ways around these hurdles. Just because people have a fear of dentistry does not mean they should forego the upkeep of their oral hygiene. There are several sedation dentistry options – such as intravenous sedation, conscious oral sedation, and nitrous oxide sedation – that can reduce gag reflex triggering and alleviate fear and anxiety.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous oxide sedation (also known as “laughing gas”) can be used to help patients feel relaxed and free of fear during their dental treatment. The benefit of this type of sedation is that it stays in the patient’s system only as long as it is being administered through the mask, so side effects are almost non-existent and the patient can drive home without feeling drowsy.

Sedation Dentistry Through Medication

Conscious oral sedation involves the administering of an oral medication that has a calming effect on the central nervous system. Patients who experience an elevated level of fear or anxiety when it comes to dental visits can benefit greatly from COS, and the side effects are minimal, mostly involving drowsiness. Patients who choose this type of sedation will want to have someone drive them home after treatment and plan on having a long nap once they get there.

Sedation Dentistry Through IV

Intravenous (IV) sedation involves the administering of a sedative through an intravenous method of delivery. This type of sedation is especially beneficial to the very anxious and fearful patient as it achieves a deeper level of sedation than either nitrous oxide or conscious oral sedation. This type of sedation can be effective for children, too, as many children have a deep fear of the dentist. The IV sedation patient will definitely need someone to drive them home after treatment as they will feel the effects for several hours.

The Need For Sedation Dentistry

It is an unfortunate truth that oral problems can quickly become more serious if they do not receive the proper preventive treatment they need. Sedation dentistry means patients of all ages can maintain their oral health and not have to worry or feel anxious about dental visits.

With nitrous oxide sedation, patients don’t have to worry about a triggered gag reflex or heart-drumming fear. Over time, we have seen patients become more comfortable in the dental chair. And the patient’s safety, comfort and state of mind are always of paramount importance. We will never shame you or make you feel bad about the condition of your teeth. Good oral care is an important part of your family’s overall health, so you can rest a little easier knowing there are ways to take much of the stress out of having dental treatments.

Learn More About Sedative Dentistry

At Johnston Dental Care, we offer primarily nitrous oxide sedation. However, any patient wishing to learn more about other sedation options should ask us for a referral. To learn more about sedation dentistry at Johnston Dental Care, serving Ruston LA and surrounding areas including Monroe, call Dr. Lamar Johnston today at (318) 255-3280 or email

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