If My Teeth Won’t Whiten, Are Porcelain Veneers My Next Option?


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Teeth-Wont-WhitenStudies show that people with white teeth are treated better than those with discolored teeth. This makes it very discouraging for a person who has undergone professional teeth whitening procedures and still has yellow teeth. These people should not despair. There is a teeth whitening alternative option. Porcelain veneers are a safe option.

Why Teeth Stay Yellow

There are many reasons why teeth turn yellow and stay yellow, even after using a teeth whitening alternative option like bleaching. People who received certain antibiotics like tetracycline as children will have teeth that will not whiten once they turn yellow or darker. For these people, a trip to a porcelain veneer expert may be their only chance for a picture perfect smile.

Other reasons why teeth will stubbornly stay yellow include:

  • Taking certain medications like antihistamines;
  • Having decay of the tooth surface;
  • Having illnesses such as cancer; or
  • Genetics

Getting a Proper Diagnosis

It’s important for anyone with yellow or discolored teeth to get a complete dental checkup before booking an appointment with a porcelain veneer expert. If a tooth is decaying or if the gums are diseased, then this needs to be resolved before getting any porcelain veneers. X-rays should be taken at least once a year because teeth and gum condition can change drastically from one year to the next.

Veneers will not be the best option for every person. Save time and money by making sure that veneers are the best option recommended by a dentist or oral surgeon.

Whitening Veneers or Crowns

Many people report that their veneers discolor over time. Actually, veneers never discolor because they are made of porcelain. The tooth material under the veneer is what becomes discolored. This can be prevented by keeping up good oral hygiene habits and not going overboard on oral whitening products.

What about people who already have crowns, bridges or veneers on some of their teeth and have dingy colored natural teeth? Getting a professional whitening procedure may not be a good option because it will make the mouth full of different colored teeth. Porcelain comes in many shades to make them less noticeable.

If you have always had a hard time getting your teeth the pearly white color most beautiful smiles have, feel free to give Dr. Johnston and his dental staff here at Johnston Dental Care a call for a dental veneer consultation! Our friendly dentists want to help make you happy with your smile. If porcelain veneers are the option you’d like to explore, come in and see us!

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If My Teeth Won’t Whiten, Are Porcelain Veneers My Next Option?

Do your teeth not whiten to the bright white color you’ve always wanted? Porcelain veneers may be the solution to get those pearly whites!

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