Six Month Smiles - Cosmetic Braces System


Six Month Smiles

Do you live in the Ruston and Monroe LA region and are you interested in straightening your teeth inconspicuously and quickly? With our Six Month Smiles clear braces smile makeover you can straighten your teeth in as few as six months, and there are no metal braces or brackets to deal with. Six Month Smiles is an innovative orthodontic system developed by dentists that uses gentle pressure to realign crooked or gapped teeth to achieve a straighter smile. This is a perfect teeth straightening system for adults who want to quickly improve their smile with clear braces, as opposed to having the mouthful of metal associated with traditional orthodontic braces. The Six Month Smiles clear braces smile makeover has a shorter treatment time, so it costs less. Straightening your teeth with traditional metal braces can take anywhere from 1 to 3 years. With Six Month Smiles, overall treatment time averages about 6 months.

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To learn more about the Six Month Smiles teeth straightening system that is currently being offered in the Ruston and Monroe LA area, call Dr. Lamar Johnston today at (318) 255-3280 or email

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