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white-teethMost people would like to have a whiter smile. However, store-bought teeth whitening kits are not always the best answer. While these kits may be more affordable than going to a dentist for professional teeth whitening services, the fact remains that they do not yield the same results. Furthermore, improper application habits such as leaving the whitener on for too long or applying it too close to gums can lead to serious discomfort, sensitivity and even wearing away of the enamel. For this reason, those who wish to have whiter teeth should seek professional whitening services from a qualified and experienced dentist.

At Johnston Dental Care, patients can enjoy having their teeth expertly whitened in a relaxing, comfortable environment by an experienced dentist like Dr. Johnston. Unlike at-home whitening kits that may take weeks to deliver results, all it takes is one hour and a half session at Johnston Dental Care to begin seeing whiter teeth. This means that patients can enjoy being able to show off their new, brighter smiles the same day. For optimal teeth whitening, however, it is recommended that patients visit the office twice more for the same professional cosmetic dental bleaching treatment. This will leave the teeth looking whiter and brighter than ever before.

Unlike dealing with a store-bought whitener, going to a professional for teeth whitening helps to ensure that the best results are achieved without causing tooth discomfort or the wearing down of precious enamel. Additionally, the whitening agent used at a dentist’s office such as Dr. Johnston’s is significantly stronger than the whitening agents found in store-bought whitening kits. The end result is whiter and healthier teeth that leave a patient feeling more confident in his or her smile than ever.

While having professional tooth whitening done by dentist may be a bit more expensive than using store-bought whitening products, many patients agree that the extra cost is more than worth it. The results turn out better and do not take weeks to become visible. Patients do not need to worry about whether or not the whitener is being applied correctly because they are in the skilled and able hands of a qualified dentist.

Those interested in a professional cosmetic dental bleaching treatment should inquire with Johnston Dental Care today to find out more about pricing and to determine whether they are viable candidates for professional teeth whitening as well.

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