Your Oral Health and the Communication of Your General Dentist


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Your Oral Health and the Communication of Your General Dentist

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Your Oral Health and the Communication of Your General Dentist

Your overall oral health means a lot to Ruston general dentist Dr. Johnston. That’s why his dentist-to-patient communication is so important!

dental-communicationCommunication is an important factor to any personal or business relationship. That is certainly true between dentists and patients. A dentist needs to be open and honest with patients about what is going to be done and why it needs to be accomplished. A dentist’s open communication can be a major factor in how a patient defines the overall dental experience. Here is some further information concerning dentist communication and oral health.

Dr. Johnston is a dentist who cares about his patients. One important thing that he notes is that history can play a big difference in visiting with a patient. Many people can be scared or concerned about visiting a dentist because of something that happened in the past with a previous dentist. Perhaps a prior dentist’s open communication was not prevalent when a tooth was being filled or when a filling needed to be replaced. Whatever the case is, people can be affected by what happened in the past and carry it to the present. Dr. Johnston understands these concerns and seeks to be open and honest with each patient he works with.

It can be easy for people to overlook dentist communication and oral health. However, the two go hand in hand. As one of many oral health experts in the country, Dr. Johnston understands how important it is to communicate the benefits of oral health. Oral health can refer to teeth, but it also includes gums and the tongue. Dr. Johnston always communicates to his patients the importance of good oral health.

During an appointment, Dr. Johnston goes over the procedures he will be performing. By keeping open communication and presenting the facts, he tries to eliminate patients’ concerns and answer any questions that they have before the procedure begins. If a cavity needs to be filled, Dr. Johnston will tell the patient the process involved to perform the repair. Patients appreciate that he is straightforward with the care they are receiving.

People who value general dentist communication and oral health will discover that Dr. Johnston is an excellent professional to visit. He is one of the many oral health experts who value communicating with patients. Along with his open communication, he provides quality dental care in Ruston.

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