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cosmetic dentist Countless numbers of older teens and adults desire straighter teeth without having to endure the time, expense, discomfort and conspicuous nature of traditional metal braces. An increasing number of clients are continually searching for more affordable but no-less-effective ways of enhancing their smile. The innovative Six Month Smiles system may be the answer that many anticipated.

Unlike conventional orthodontics, the Six Month Smiles in Ruston, LA, produces amazing results in approximately six months in most cases. Depending on a number of factors, some clients wear the appliances longer, and some need the braces for a shorter span of time. The many advantages of the remarkable teeth-straightening system include:

  • The discrete option of wearing smaller, clear brackets connected by tooth-colored wires that are significantly less obvious that traditional metal braces. Another advantage of the unique technology is not having unsightly blackened teeth, which often occurs when wearing metal braces.
  • How effectively the braces alter just the position of front teeth rather than creating a dramatic bite realignment. In fact, the system was designed for clients not needing extensive orthodontic intervention.
  • That clients are pleasantly surprised when overall, the treatment is much more comfortable than expected. The nickel-titanium wires exert low-level gentle, even and continual pressure that guides teeth into the desired position. The innovative method of realigning teeth also causes less stress, which means the likelihood of damaging tooth or root structures is greatly minimized.

Many automatically assume that because Six Month Smiles does not require lengthy treatment, the intensity of the process must produce a greater deal of pain. However, this is not the case. The system was designed to address the crowding, crooked or abnormal spacing of the front top or bottom teeth.

Following a consultation, Dr. Johnston determines if clients are candidates for the revolutionary procedure. With the advances achieved by modern dentistry, there is no reason to feel embarrassment from an imperfect smile. Take the time to learn more about the Six Month program and schedule a Six Month Smile consultation with Johnston Dental Care today!

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All You Need to Know About Six Month Smiles

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