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Implant-Dentist-RustonWhen a person is missing one or more teeth, it can be difficult to eat and chew the foods they most enjoy. A person’s smile, self-esteem and confidence are also affected by missing teeth. In time, the other teeth may move and cause additional problems. Dr. Johnston of Johnston Dental Care offers dental implant surgery to restore confidence, function and an aesthetically pleasing smile to anyone with one or more missing teeth.

*Note to Reader: Johnston Dental Care does not place implants.  *We only provide both temporary and permanent restorations for the implant body which is placed by an oral surgeon or periodontist. **

Who Is a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Almost anyone can undergo a dental implant procedure. Dr. Johnston can graft bone to help increase dental implant success. People with osteoporosis, TMJ, high blood pressure and well-controlled diabetes are usually able to receive a dental implant. Anyone who has a medical condition that contraindicates elective surgical procedures, such as a recent heart attack, or who is currently undergoing cancer treatments may need to postpone dental implant surgery with a dental implant expert in Ruston. Most dental implant procedures are done on patients whose jaw bones have completed growth, unless an orthodontist refers a child for implant surgery.

Why Johnston Dental Care Is a Wise Choice for Ruston Dental Implants

Each person’s needs and goals for dental implants are different. When a person is searching for a dentist who does dental implants in Ruston, results and patient care should be the deciding factors. As a dental implant expert in Ruston, Dr. Johnston has performed countless successful implant procedures. Dr. Johnston is also experienced in offering dental implants to patients with a variety of medical conditions. The staff at Johnston Dental Care works to help each patient meet their goals for dental health and the appearance of their smile.

How Dental Implants Are Performed

At Johnston Dental Care in Ruston, dental implants are performed by taking three-dimensional images of the patient’s mouth. This is to create a mold for building the implant. If a bone graft is needed, Dr. Johnston will perform that procedure, allow the mouth to heal and then place the implant. Each implant is customized to perfectly match with the patient’s existing teeth for a beautiful finished result. As stated above, Dr. Johnston only provides both temporary and permanent restorations for the implant body, which is then placed by an oral surgeon or periodontist. *We do not place implants ourselves.* This is just to inform our patients how the dental implant process typically works for most patients.

Anyone looking for a dentist who does dental implants should contact Dr. Johnston for an implant procedure evaluation. Dr. Johnston is known as the best doctor in town for dental implant procedures and after-care because patient care and satisfaction are the highest priorities at Johnston Dental Care.

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