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time-for-fillingPlenty of people have the experience of going to their dentist’s office and dreading that their doctor will find a cavity. Tooth fillings are a reality for many people, but knowing what they are and how patients get them can make it easier to prevent dental problems in the future.

How to know if a patient needs a filling or a filling needs to be replaced

There are a few signs that will make a patient aware that their tooth needs a filling or one needs to be replaced. Some patients have sensitivity to pressure. When they bite down on food, they will feel discomfort. There might also be dark stains present, or food might begin to accumulate around the filling.

If there is a fracture in one of patient’s tooth fillings, it might not be easy to see on the surface of the tooth. That’s why a dentist might have to do an X-ray at their office to look at the tooth in detail.

How dental fillings work and why they are placed in a patient’s teeth

Dental fillings help stop a patient’s tooth from decaying. Bacteria live in a patient’s mouth and feast on sugars from the foods they eat. When someone doesn’t clean the bacteria from the tooth’s surface or floss in between the crevices of their teeth in a timely manner, the bacteria will begin to multiply. After the bacteria eat the sugary substances in a patient’s mouth, they release a strong acid that eats away at their teeth.

Why seeing a dentist benefits patients

Visiting a dentist regularly will help lessen the chance of getting a cavity. If a patient does have fillings, getting their teeth professionally cleaned will help keep their smile healthy.

If a filling falls out, a patient must see a dentist immediately. This could be very painful. If a tooth is left untreated, the patient could end up needing a root canal.

How to keep fillings in good shape and avoid any more dental problems

It’s important to schedule routine dental visits during the year. Brush after each meal and floss every day to prevent more cavities in the future. In between dental cleanings, avoid drinking sodas and eating sugary candies.

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How to Know When It’s Time for a Filling

How do you know when it’s time for a filling? What are the signs that start showing when a tooth needs a dental filling placed in it?

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