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first-visitDr. Lamar Johnston and his team of highly trained dental hygienists provide a welcoming environment to all new patients. Dr. Johnston knows that the first dental visit can cause anxiety and fear in some patients. Others may simply wish to be armed with as much knowledge as possible about what to expect.

The first dental visit will establish a relationship between the patient and the skilled dental care providers at Johnston Dental Care. In order to do this, the patient must be able to provide detailed health information. Patients should arrive early to their first visit, so they can complete the necessary forms fully and completely. Likewise, patients must bring any dental insurance information with them to their first appointment.

Dr. Johnston is a Ruston, Louisiana dentist with more than 30 years of experience. During his time in the dental healthcare field, he has learned that the best way to begin a relationship with a new patient is with a thorough first exam. This first visit lasts approximately one to two hours, though this time varies depending on the patient’s concerns and needs. The exam will consist of a physical overview of the mouth, which often includes cleaning. A set of dental x-rays will be taken as well. This lets Dr. Johnston study teeth alignment, decay, and any underlying problems that might exist. Lastly, a visit with Dr. Johnston is not complete without specific instructions for oral hygiene. New patients are shown how to brush and floss properly, with detailed instructions on treating individual patient concerns.

Dr. Johnston and his team will also talk with each patient to learn what their dental goals are and how treatment can best be accomplished. No two patients have the same needs, which is why thorough communication is vital. A plan will then be put into place that takes the patient’s timetable, budget, and immediate dental concerns into consideration.

One’s first dentist visit at Johnston Dental Care should be a pleasant and caring experience. Dr. Lamar Johnston and his staff make sure you are comfortable and at ease. With a long history of treating patients in the area as well as a desire to stay current with the latest trends in dental medicine, Dr. Johnston is a Ruston, Louisiana dentist who keeps his patients healthy from the very first visit.

To learn more about the services offered at Johnston Dental Care, call Dr. Lamar Johnston today at 318.255.3280 or email info@johnstondentalcare.net.

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