Dental Veneers Ruston, LAPorcelain Dental Vaneers

Are you looking for a simple way to whiten and improve your smile as well as your overall appearance? If so, you should consider cosmetic dentistry to perform a porcelain dental veneer procedure, which places a customer made thin shell over your tooth. A veneer changes the size, length and color of the tooth.

The Dental Vaneers Solution

A variety of cosmetic problems can be corrected with porcelain veneers. Discolored, gapped, and misaligned teeth are examples of some of the issues that can be corrected with this procedure. People in the Ruston and Monroe LA area who have discolored teeth can also use this procedure to whiten their teeth. However, it is important to remember that veneers are not for everyone – people with gum disease or damaged or decayed teeth are usually not good candidates for dental veneers. When considering cosmetic dentistry,  ideal candidate for this porcelain dental veneer procedure will have enough enamel to support the veneer. Furthermore, people who grind their teeth are not considered good prospects for this procedure. Dental veneers can chip or crack if an individual has a teeth grinding is a problem.

Affordable Dental Vaneers

Dr. Johnston has had special training in cosmetic dentistry and offers a variety of cost effective dental procedures to patients in the Ruston and Monroe LA area that can enhance a person’s smile. You will be required to make two or three trips to the dentist. During the first visit, Dr. Johnston will discuss the treatment plan. An impression of your smile may also be taken during the first visit. The preparation phase is next. Some enamel will be removed prior to your cosmetic dental porcelain veneers procedure. Additionally, if an impression was not taken during the previous dental visit, then it will be taken during this dental appointment. In some cases, a temporary dental veneer will be used to cover the tooth until the permanent one is ready to be placed during the final visit.

To learn more about porcelain dental veneers and whether you are a good candidate for this procedure, call Dr. Lamar Johnston today at (318) 255-3280 or email


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