What’s CEREC Crown Technology?

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction, commonly known as CEREC technology is a solution that allows a dentist to create, engineer and place single ceramic crowns

The Advantages Of Dental Crowns

If your teeth are severely damaged or decayed, you most likely need to have a root canal with a subsequent dental crown or crowns to replace your tooth or teeth’s surfaces. A crown is a type of restoration that is made out of metal alloy or porcelain. It is also known as a tooth cap. In the past, people who needed to get this type of restoration would have to make multiple trips to the dentist. Today, dentists can use CEREC technology, which allows them to make restorative pieces in just one office visit.

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Dental Crown Procedures

The first step in the process of making a CEREC porcelain dental crown is to take a 3D image of the tooth. After that, a CEREC machine will be used to make the restoration. It usually takes about an hour for this equipment to create the dental crown restoration.

Same Day Crowns

We’ve offered CEREC technology for several years at the Johnston Dental Care facility, located in Ruston, LA. CEREC technology is extremely beneficial to both the dental team and the patient because of the time saved in producing the restoration. CEREC crowns are durable as well as pleasing to the eye, and will help to protect the tooth root so further decay or damage is greatly reduced. With CEREC technology, patients are able to save on time and  the cost of the dental crown because they will not have to make multiple trips to the office. This allows Dr. Johnston and his team to accomplish a lot more dental work in less time.

Additional benefits include…

  • Appearance: One of the reasons that people choose to get this procedure is because it gives natural-looking results. The vast majority of patients we have preformed this service for in the Ruston and Monroe LA area are very pleased with the appearance of their teeth.
  • Long-Lasting: Porcelain material is designed to last a long time. In fact, the permanent CEREC dental crowns procedure may last up to 20 years. Porcelain is also resistant to stain.
  • Improved Oral Health: The restorative piece is designed to protect the tooth from additional decay. This can help improve oral health by preventing the buildup of plaque and other disease-causing bacteria. Achieving better oral health is one of the little-known benefits of getting this procedure.
  • Can Be Used To Cover Dental Implants: Many people who opt to get this procedure have missing teeth. We can place a CEREC porcelain crown after the patient receives dental implants.

Find Out More About Dental Crowns

You may be a good candidate for the CEREC permanent dental crowns procedure if you have one or more teeth that are severely decayed, are experiencing tooth pain, or have other oral issues such as bad breath. To learn more about CEREC dental crown technology from your  Ruston and Monroe LA Dentist and whether you are a good candidate for this procedure, call Dr. Lamar Johnston today at (318) 255-3280 or email him at info@johnstondentalcare.net.

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