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Anxiety-Free-DentistryGoing to the dentist for even a general cleaning can make some people extremely nervous. In fact, stress and anxiety about going to the dentist keeps many individuals from getting minor work done, and this only leads to more dental problems later down the line. Fortunately, a stress-free dentist visit is possible. The practice of anxiety-free dentistry at Johnston Dental Care makes it much easier for the most anxious patients to receive the dental care they need.

Anxiety free dentistry is based around the idea of providing a patient with the most stress-free dentist visit possible. One way to accomplish this is by creating a completely relaxing environment.

The dental drill is the instrument that usually incites the most fear in people. To reduce stress and anxiety, the dentist office can provide the patient with headphones that play relaxing music of the patient’s choice while they are undergoing a procedure. This type of relaxation is appropriate for fillings or when a general cleaning is necessary.

To aid in keeping anxiety at a minimum during relatively simple dental procedures, the dentist can numb the area to be cleaned with a local anesthetic to make the process pain-free.

In order to provide the most anxiety free experience possible, sedation dentistry is regularly put to use. Sedation dentistry refers to the use of anesthesia to put a patient to sleep so that they are completely unaware of the dentist going about their work.

Sedation is most appropriate for procedures that will take a long period of time or will require a lot of drilling. Root canals, the filling of cavities and tooth extractions are procedures that are certainly very appropriate for the use of sedation.

Sedation dentistry usually utilizes two different types of sedation. One type uses gas that causes the patient relax, but the patient is not totally unconscious. When extractions are performed, complete sedation is necessary.

Patients shouldn’t put off preventative dental visits or overdue dental work because of stress or anxiety centered around going to a dentist’s office. Johnston Dental Care knows how to provide a stress-fee dental visit for even the most anxious patients.

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