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American-Dental-AssociationIn case you haven’t heard Dr. Lamar Johnston tell you before, there is a professionally suggested amount of times you should visit the dentist on a yearly basis. In fact, the ADA prefers several suggested dental hygiene practices in their guidelines. These, if followed, keeps oral health at its optimal level and keeps people healthy overall. Our staff here at Johnston Dental Care want to inform you of what we are educated on from the ADA and what we believe is a great set of dental tips to follow.

The American Dental Association ADA was founded in 1956, and as the nation’s largest dental association, it represents a membership of 157,000 dentists. The focus of the organization is to promote the dental profession at the local, state and national levels. The ADA is, and has always been, a science-based and ethically-driven association centered on the optimum oral health of the patients of its members.

While there may be some variation in the recommendations of individual dental practices, the dental visit guidelines supported by the American Dental Association ADA have been developed to ensure dental patients maintain the best level of oral health possible. Because they are a strong advocate for oral health, the ADA has an influential role concerning the direction, scope and research of dental science.

The American Dental Association has developed recommended dental visit guidelines that members can follow to ensure the oral needs of their patients are sufficiently addressed. Since there will be differences in the current status and history of their patient’s health, the frequency of recommended visits for individuals may be quite different. In other words, one annual cleaning and examination will probably be sufficient to prevent periodontal disease for patients who are in good health, but diabetics or smokers will require more frequent visits.

The ADA strongly recommends that the best dental health begins early, and they advise that babies receive the first dental examination before their first teeth erupt. Proper brushing and flossing get kids started with good dental health and help prevent the development of cavities. Regular preventative dental visits help to ensure a young person enters adulthood with strong, healthy teeth that can be expected to serve them well for many years.

Most people will experience some type of dental health problem as they mature, but improved dental practices and restoration procedures have resulted in more seniors keeping their natural teeth throughout their entire life. Doctors and dentists know there is a strong connection between good overall health and a healthy mouth, and this fact is even more obvious for seniors.

Many times, an otherwise healthy adult does not understand the importance of regular dental visits, but maintaining good oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings can prevent gum disease and other dental diseases. The overall health of the body can be affected by oral problems, so regular visits to the dentist are essential.

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What the American Dental Association (ADA) Guidelines Recommend for Dental Visits

Do you know how many times you should be visiting your local dentist per year? Dr. Johnston wants to inform you to keep your teeth healthy!

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